Does m250 support itunes?

I’m thinking about buying one as a gift for someone who uses Mac a lot. I think he also has a PC but I wonder if he could use it with all music formats he’s apt to want to use it with. Thanks for any information.

depends on his source for music. itunes is just a music tool. If he obtains his music from itunes and has a mostly .mp4 library, he will have to convert the files. If they have DRM’s (such as purchased tracks) then its even more of a pain to have to convert.

If he just rips his own cd’s or downloads .mp3’s, then he should be fine. The player will work in MSC mode on the mac for all intents and purposes.

Drawbacks = playlist will have to be .m3u’s (not very user friendly) and will not be able to use subscription services such as napster, yahoo, etc…

Thanks. I think he already has an iPod mini (is that what they call that postage stamp size player?), and probably at least one other iPod.  I really have no idea what his needs and desires would be. I guess I’ll have to give him something else.