Does anybody know the power consumption of the Extreme Pros?

I’m using the V30 Sandisk Extreme Pro on a camera that has very high power usage compared the capacity of it’s battery so I’m looking to save power where I can. The camera has the option to record to SD Cards, CFast 2.0, and SSDs, of those options, SD cards definitely use the least power but I’m curious how much Sandisk’s SD cards use compared to cards from competing brands.

Also does a card have to be written to or read from in order to be in it’s active state or can it be active without any activity going on? What I’m getting at is, does the amount of power it uses depend on the speed at which the card’s being accessed? Since the cards write at a max of around 90 MB/s, would it use less power to only write at about 30 MB/s or does that depend on how the camera is doing it writes?