Disappearing track numbers

I’m using an 8 gb Clip+ with a 32 gb micros sd card.  I’ve been searching this forum but my problem seems just a little different than the issues I’ve read here.  I downloaded some mp3 albums from Amazon and Windows Media Player has assimilated those albums into my music library.  The track numbers show up on the computer and if I run the albums through mp3tag the numbers are all there.  However, when I transfer the albums to the 32 gb card on my Clip+ the numbers disappear.  This also results in the tracks on the card being out of order which is bad, particularly in classical albums.  What is going on and how do I resolve this?  Thank you.

You need to use mp3Tag to edit the tags on the copy on your pc, then copy the files to the player. I suggest using Windows Explorer copy and paste to paste folders of files to the player. In MTP mode editing tags on files on the player is not possible. In msc mode it is possible, however after editing the files might not sort properly. The best idea is to edit the copy on the pc, delete the copy on the player, then copy them to the player again. Make sure the track numbers have leading zeros, ie. 01, 02, 03…10, 11 or 001, 002, 003, etc. if there are 100 or more files. I often avoid the leading zeros issue by starting to number the files with 101. This works if there are less than 900 files.

Thanks for the feedback, JK98.  I’ll give 'er a try.