Deleting a song freezes Clip with FW 29

Like several others here, I don’t like the implementation of the Podcast folder, since I like to listen to several at a time. No biggie – I just keep putting my podcasts in a playlist and continue to play the playlist as before. Problem arose when I went to delete a podcast from the Clip. As before, I would have one paused on the screen. Click the Sub-Menu button. Click up to highlight Delete Song. Click the center select button. Click up to highlight Yes. Click the center select button. Clip is now frozen and I have to hold the power switch up for several seconds to power it down. Then when powering it back up, the playlist acts in an unpredictable way. Usually, I just can’t select another file until I play then pause the one that’s on the screen. In any case, I still can’t delete the song. What a hassle!

I’ve gone back to FW20 for now. That’s working fine. I would never use the Podcast folder feature the way it’s implemented in FW29. I don’t have any ogg files (though I was thinking of playing around with them). The battery % indicator is no biggie to me. I don’t use Shuffle, so that was a non-issue for me. Many of the nice features that were suggested on this forum were not implemented in FW29. To me, it’s a dud. Sorry Sansa cheerleaders. I still love my Clip, but with FW20.

Is nobody else experiencing this problem with the new firmware (29)?

Or does nobody but me delete songs from within the Clip? Could somebody try it and see if their Clip behaves, or if it freezes?

Thanks to all.

Hello BigJohn,

I’ll try your situation on one of my Clips tonight and let’s see if I can reproduce it with FW 1.01.29.  Just a bit of detail: can you give a bit of info on the ID3 tag genre- is it Podcast?  Are you dragging and dropping in MSC / MTP or porting the file over with WiMP 10 or 11?  And lastly, is your playlist .pla or .m3u?

Bob  :smileyvery-happy: 

Hi Bob – Thanks for your help. Keep in mind I’m back to using FW 1.01.20 for now.

>> Just a bit of detail: can you give a bit of info on the ID3 tag genre- is it Podcast?

The tracks that caused the problem were tagged as “Podcast” genre. Those are really the only ones I typically delete from the Clip itself. I didn’t test it with any other genres though.

>> Are you dragging and dropping in MSC / MTP or porting the file over with WiMP 10 or 11?

I always use MTP. I sync all my stuff onto the Clip with MediaMonkey. For Podcasts, I’ve created a Playlist in MediaMonkey called Current Podcasts, which I sync to the Clip.  

>> And lastly, is your playlist .pla or .m3u?

Looking at Windows Exploder with the Clip connected to the computer, all the files in the Sansa Clip 2GB\Internal Memory\Playlists subfolder have the .pla extension. I guess that means they’re .pla playlists?

By the way, if it makes any difference, mine is a 2GB Clip.

Thanks again for your help. Let me know if you need any more info to troubleshoot this issue.

I have the same problem with FW29.  Freezes on song deletion.

I haven’t deleted any songs since upgrading to FW 29, so I don’t know if I have the freeze-up issue or not- but I’m going back to FW20 also- as I’ve noticed a bunch of other bugs with 29- including decreased volume; shorter battery life, and audiobooks getting screwed up when you jump to another chapter or book.

The only upgrade that made me switch to 29, was the improved shuffle feature…but it’s not worth it…as there are too many other issues.

Yeah i had this problem as well, i deleted a recording from my recordings list and my clip just froze after choosing ‘yes’ to delete for about 5 or 6 secs. then going back to my recording folder, everything in that folder was temporarily screwed up. this actually happened to me several times, until i powered off and on again and all was normal again.