Cruzer Fit 4GB can't be bootable USB?

Hi, recently I just purchase a cruzer fit 4gb just to install an os in it . But for some reason, i formatted using NTFS/FAT32 but my computer still unable to boot from the USB, my computer can detect the cruzer fit usb thou.

Formating doesn’t make a drive bootable.  Installing an OS on it does.  As do tools that support booting multiple OSs on it.

What OS are you trying to install on the Cruzer?  DOS, Windows, Linux?

Hi thanks for the reply… I managed to get the OS to boot up by changing the device policy from quick removal to better performance.

There are steps needed to make a USB bootable and there are plenty of resources online to do this. Which guide did you use if I may ask?

Unetbootin, I do know how to made a bootable USB i did fews of them with other USB …