Cruzer causing Blinking frames

I’m running Windows 7 pro and I have the Sandisk Cruzer 8GB thumb drive. It’s hard to explain what’s going on but when the thumb drive is plugged in, the frames on open programs blink or flash. Also, when I go into All Programs and click on let’s say Microsoft Office filder and try to select one in the list, the window closes. Here is a link to a vid I made. It king of blurry but you can see the frames blink and the start menu close when I try to select a program. Like I said this only occurs when the cruzer is plugged in.

Cruzer problem

It’s too early to call if this has something to do with the USB stick. 

Please try to check event view under Control Panel-Admisitrative tools. Check some logs for us to see on what’s going on. 

I have more than one thumb drive plugged in. This was the only one that cause this problem no matter which USB port I plugged it into. There aren’t any captured events in the event viewer. The last thing I tried was to remove the software that came with the thumb drive. Once the security software was disabled, the problem stopped. 

Was the security software named SecurityAccess?