Cruzer 2GB data transfer issues


I have a Cruzer 2GB which I have removed U3 from and successfuly made bootable using various utilities (HP’s USB Disk Storage, WinToFlash, etc)\

I got NO problem formatting this thing and booting off of it… This is the debacle thats causing me to become nigh violent:

I go to rapidly load about 1/2 GB data onto this thing in a controlled fashion and 1/2way thru you hear the famous Win XP “Kerrr-PLUNK” which tells you the drive has been disconnected. The LED flashes in succession x3 <pause> flashes x3 <pause> etc.

I then must physically unplug the drive and reconnect it to get it recognized again. I have tried copying my data through a program and even piecemeal. I have adjusted the properties on the Cruzer to use cahce and force me to click “Remove Hardware Safely” etc.

I need this thing to become a legal backup of Windows XP SP2 so I can install onto laptops without CD drives.  I have been on this for 3+ days, and fear for the local community if I find no relief. Thanks for your time/input.

I boot both my Cruzers, with U3 still on them, and do not experience the problem you describe. 

I suspect the problem you describe is caused by your machine rather than the USB stick.  Possible causes might be bad USB port, USB 1.1  port, processor overheating, bad power supply, low voltage to the machine. 

I also think you need to re-evalutate your XP install approach.  The forums might be a good place to check.