Cruzer 2.0 Flash Drive

Boy ■■■■■ needs to know-how the frig do I copy some of my Outlook email folders on to this drive? Can I be this stupid? SanDisc help desk refuses to help! Isn’t this a VERY BASIC use of this drive? Absolutely NO directions anywhere. God promises to not give you terminal cancer IF you help me! LOL.

Tanx, Danny

It’s not a SanDisk issue. In Outlook, go the File menu | Import and Export . . .

Thanks, I think. When I go to file, export/import I cannot figure out how to get the Outlook folder into my Flash drive. Do you have the patience to get me there/ If so, THANKS!! Boy ■■■■■!

Select Export to file and follow the prompts. You’ll have to choose the format you want (I use .pst) and then it will ask you where you want to export that file to. Click Browse . . .  and navigate to your Cruzer drive.

Thanks Tapeworm…and now I must feed my own tapeworm  :slight_smile: