corrupt card

all of a sudden my phone said the card was corrupt. I tried it in another phone and got the same message. I have no idea why. no problem with my phone or damage. Can the content be recovered? Is the card ruined? I have only had it 6 months.

thank you. Jan

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Insert your SD card into your PC, launch EaseUS corrupt card recovery software, select the disk and click the Scan button. The software will soon start a quick scan to find the lost and existing data on the card. After it has completed, a deep scan will automatically launch in order to find more files. Chase Bank Online After the scan, preview and choose the files you want. Finally, click the Recover button to retrieve them back from the corrupted SD card.

I usually removed it from my device then check it on my computer. All files are safe on both my g-drive and PC to ensure that I won’t lose any of it. Usually corrupted cards still open on PC so you might as well give it at try. Copy the files then reformat the card. It will still work perfectly after doing it.