Connecting a Sansa Clip to a Bluetooth

I would like to connect my Sansa Clip to my Motorola Bluetooth H505 wich is also connected to my cell phone.  This way, I can listen to my music through my Bluetooth and then answer my phone whithout having to go from the wired ear phones to my cell phone.     Thank you!

The clip doesnt have Bluetoooth inside.  you would need some kind of external solution,  not sure whats out there .


Believe it or not, but The Sharper Image often has bluetooth adapters as part of earphone sets.  Perhaps that might serve you.  But not inexpensive, as far as I recall. 

This little device has served me well for over a year:

I use a small square of velcro to piggyback it to my Zip Clip+.

The only downside is that you can’t put it on an armband without blocking the transmitter, so I use a neck pouch. Bottom line - no wires.  

I have the BT transmitter that strubie posted. works well.

But how do you connect this to a Bluwtooth headset? Neither one has a display so it would seem impossible to connect the two. I would love a Sansa-clip-like device that I could liten to on my bluetooth headset (why Sansa doesn’t jus tmake one is mystifying). Any guidance?

Just waiting patiently for Sandisk to take the next step and make the clip+ with bluetooth without screwing with anything else…(well, increasing the maximum number of songs in a playlist to 9999 instead of 999). 

I would rather have this than internal memory since I put everything on the card now. I suppose it needs to be a bit larger but not too much to get a larger battery. 

Who knows what, if anything, will be happening to the Clip line–been quite a while . . . .

I bought 2 bluetooth items  for my Sansa Clip: 1.  GOgroove BlueSENSE TRM Audio Streaming Bluetooth Transmitter 

                                                                                   2.  SoundPEATS QY7 Bluetooth 4.1 Wireless Sports In-ear Stereo Headphone with Sweatproof Earbuds. 

I found both on Amazon. 

Hope to save all that looong cord problem!

Thanks to Strubie above for the idea!

When I receive these BT items, I will update this forum.

UPDATE 2/7/16

This works great and super easy to understand.   Now I am wireless!

Thanks, Amazon!

Bluetooth Transmitter, TaoTronics Wireless Portable Transmitter (Connected to 3.5mm Audio Devices, Paired with Bluetooth Receiver. TV Ears, Bluetooth Dongle, A2DP Stereo Music Transmission)

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Azsusieq, does that allow you to transfer songs to sport clip from a source like a phone or tablet?

@mrluk5 wrote:
Azsusieq, does that allow you to transfer songs to sport clip from a source like a phone or tablet?

No, it won’t. You still have to plug it into a computer to transfer files to or from it. The bluetooth attachment plugs into the heafphone jack and only tranmits the signal from the headphone jack to wireless speakers or ear/headphones.

I was looking into buying a bluetooth shower stereo to use with this bluetooth transmitter. It has a ‘next song’ button; do you think this button would work with the bluetooth adapter, or does it only send the signal? Appreciate any response, thanks!

P.S. If anyone has any recommendations for a good shower speaker (blue tooth or one that accepts MicroSD would be awesome!), I’d appreciate it; my shower is about 10-15 feet from my PC, but there’s two walls between them, so I’m worried about the signal getting through; so far, I’m leaning towards VicTsing Phoenix or Bekhic or Lorida water-proof stereo, but I noticed other brandnames have very similar looking products, like almost identical (Bekhic vs Lorida, for example), and it makes it really hard to tell if the reviews/products are trustworthy/quality…

Thanks for any help!