Comparison between E200 series and Fuze



I’m trying to figure out the differences/similarities between the Fuze and E200 series.  I know the screen is bigger on the Fuze, but can’t find any other differences between the 2 models.  Is that the only difference, or are there others?  Also, is the Fuze a replacement for the E200 series or as another alternative?  Finally, will the chargers and other accessories that fit the E200’s also fit the Fuze?


Any information would be appreciated.

Thanks, can think of the fuze as a combination between the e200 and the view.  although it seems like an upgrade from e200, it is also a smaller version of the view.  the connector is the same as the view and e200 and should work with your other accessories and chargers.

Some differences:

  1. Form factor

  2. Screen (not just size, picture looks different too)

  3. Audio chip (the fuze has a better one)

  4. Firmware (I believe there are differences in the firmware but I haven’t used an updated e200 for awhile. also Rockbox is available for the e200s)

A few more differences:

  • The Fuze boots up faster than the E-200.

  • The Fuze takes Micro SDHC memory cards, currently available up to 8GB.  The E-200 can’t use SDHC, so you’re limited to Micro SD, currently available only up to 2GB.

- A Fuze with an extra memory card will only refresh its database the first time it boots up after you install the card.  An E-200 with an extra memory card will refresh its database every time it boots up.

The e200 series V2 EDITION will take the SDHC cards if you update them to the latest firmware. The e200 series also has A USER REPLACEABLE BATTERY.  The Fuze does NOT–when it’s stops working, you pitch it.

I think this is kinda big, and it’s why I have a v2 ready as my backup when my View dies it’s inevitable death.

You’ll find that the e200v2 and Fuze will behave very similarly.  The v1 e200 has a different processor, and acts accordingly (not saying that’s necessarily a bad thing).

I have several Clips, plus a v2 e200.  The Fuze is like a melding of the two.  The control wheel of the View is an integral part of the Fuze, and it’s great, as it rotates through functions, plus clicks at an angle, navigating through menus plus pause / FF / REW.  The button of the Clip doesn’t rotate.

Compared to the controls of the e200, the rotating scroll wheel is a separate piece, and feels different in use than the integrated Fuze wheel.

The Fuze shares much of its construction form factor with the Clip, a pressed-fit clamshell case.  The back is a unique part, coated with a cool tactile rubberized coating like the View.  The e200 has a metal back, which is removable to access a user-replaceable Lithium Polymer battery.

Both the Fuze and e200v2 have SDHC capability, without database refresh delays as long as the SD card is not changed.

Bob  :smileyvery-happy:

Thank you everyone for providing additional information in helping me to determine which MP3 player to select. I like the idea of having a replaceable battery, my only question would be how long the battery is suppose to last on both the Fuze and the E200’sV2.