compare sansa fuse and sansa connect

Looking for guidance. Which should I choose the Sansa Fuse or a Sansa Connect?

My computer has Vista Home Premium and Windows Media Player 11.

My intended use is to play MP3 music and audio books that are in MP3 format. I like the idea of expandable memory using a micro SD card.

I am seeking ease of use with a screen that that easy to navigate.

Thanks for the advice.

I have a Sansa Connect (so does my wife) and for a time had the Sansa Fuze.  I returned the Fuse because it insisted on re-reading the entire contents of the microSDHC card when something was modified in internal memory (ie, the card’s contents weren’t modified).  You can read my posts whining and crying about this in the Fuse forum.  And yes, Sandisk tech support confirmed it.  It’s entirely possible that this has been fixed in a firmware update, but it was a deal killer for me.

The obvious stuff:

  • Sansa Connect has been discontinued so tech support will likely be lacking.

  • Sansa Connect can be found a heck of a lot cheaper.  :wink:

  • You can buy a Fuse in a brick-and-mortar store, which means you can return it if you don’t want it.

The maybe not-so-obvious stuff:

  • Sansa Fuse can operate in MSC mode, the Connect can’t.  I don’t know if MTP-only will present a problem with your setup.

  • I think the Fuse can view songs via folders, versus just via their embedded tags (artist, album, song) - verify this by searching the Fuse forum.

  • Sansa Connect’s firmware can be “downgraded” such that the WiFi functions are re-enabled - that means free streaming of Launchcast stations with a (free) Yahoo account, and free viewing of your Flickr photos (also Yahoo) over WiFi.

I can’t tell you which player has better audiobook support, as I don’t use audiobooks.

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PromisedPlanet, Thank you for the detailed response to my question. From my research and reading the opinions of others I have formed the opinion that these are both excellent MP3 players and good values and that it would not be a mistake to purchase either player. I think that I will go with the refurbished Fuze only because it is a more recent model. Information only (I hope this is helpful to others): today has the refurbished Sansa Fuze 4GB for $32.99+ $5 S&H while has the Sansa Connect, new in plain box, for $34.98 including S&H, this comes with a 30 Days Return/Exchange warranty.

I own and use both players regularly. I use the Fuze for music and then Connect for videos and to go to bed. Never once had a problem with either.

Something to consider the Fuze has the better battery life.

In your situation I would for the extra $3 get the Fuze. 

And I dont think SanDisk still have the connect, and Sansa Fuze have exciting features. I Love my Fuze :wink:

@keberloo wrote:
And I dont think SanDisk still have the connect, and Sansa Fuze have exciting features. I Love my Fuze :wink:

Well, the Sansa Fuze has FM radio, and the Connect has Launchcast radio.  I prefer the latter, even though I have to be near WiFi.  :wink:

I also think the Connect does a better job of integrating the microSDHC card contents.  I’ve whined about this in the Fuze (and now the Clip+) forums … if you update the Connect’s internal memory, it doesn’t re-read the card’s contents.  The Fuze and Clip+ both do this.  No big deal, just kind of annoying.

I know that he has already purchased his fuse by now, so I am just weighing in. My Sansa is the best mp3 player that I have ever had. It is cool that we can get a well built model that has been abandonded by Sandisk, and get it working like new. Promised Planet you have unbricked more of these than you will ever know.

For audiobooks…

Both play protected WMA audiobooks (OverDrive Media and NetLibrary).  Both resume properly, with stipulations:

  • Connect resumes properly as long as you have used the player within 72 hours, i.e., it was in Sleep mode.  The Connect automatically goes into Shutdown mode after 72 hours in Sleep, and then loses all resume points.  Also, the resume has not been perfect, and I don’t know how to characterize the occasional failure.

  • Fuze resumes everything that is either tagged “Podcast” or in folder “Podcasts”, and everything that is either tagged “Audiobook” or in folder “Audiobooks”.  So you have to ensure this, e.g., when loading via OverDrive, you have to change from the default loading location “\Music” to “\Audiobooks”.

The Connect has a speaker, and accelerating and audible fast forward.

The Fuze has accelerating fast forward, and listening speed control (fast, normal, slow) for audiobooks and podcasts (although the single Setting is under “Audiobooks Options” ).

Both have on-player delete.

The Fuze has about a 4-5 second startup when no content has been changed, and much longer startup if a μSD card is inserted (see PromisedPlanet’s explanation of reloading).

The Connect has about a 1 second startup from Sleep.

The Fuze can be Rockboxed, though I see no advantage for audiobooks in Rockboxing (which won’t play protected WMA audiobooks).

For audiobooks, I like the

  • Connect for its speaker and fast startup (great when working on stuff and want hands-free (speaker) listening, and quick turn-on for sporadic listening).  Minor likes are its audible fast forward (which I mostly use for podcasts, not audiobooks), and ease of loading OverDrive audiobooks (just click away at the “Next” buttons).

  • Fuze for its more reliable resume points, and option to have fast playback (though I use that mostly for podcasts).

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