comp won't recognize clip


ok here is what’s going on :

i have the clip (2nd time)

windows xp put music on no problem put back on comp to charge comp wouldn’t regonize

took it back got a new one set the usb 2 msc mode now i am up and running have all the songs i want for now. disconnect from comp…

reconnected to comp to charge …bam nothing does not show, connected ,writing, reading

all the stuff it did when it was fine.can see the battery charging all the menus and sub menus

even did the reset hold button and connect thing website says to disconnect and reconnect if that doesn’t work reformat well now i don’t have any songs (did the format thing and now nothing)


please any help i am ready to take this thing back and get a shuffle.

by the way i used 3 different usb cords thinking it was the cord NOT…

turn clip on, put it lock position, put the cable on the clip before attaching to computer. Then put it in usb slot. Computer should read clip then.