Colours available in 2 GB clip.

Has anyone seen or purchased an Ice Blue Clip in 2GB?  I preordered one back in Sept. It’s not here yet.  I subsequently ordered a cany apple red for myself, as it was at that time the only one Best Buy had in Stock.  Got it and am quite pleased with it.  It’s like that potato chip ad, “Betcha can’t eat just one”.   I ordered and rcvd a second one from BB in Black.  Best Buy on the internet shows Ice Blue “Backordered Shipping in one to two weeks”  But it also says “Instock at most locations”  Hence my question does any one have an ice blue or has it been seen on store shelves, yet?  Thanks, Jim

I have seen the blue at Best Buy in the Twin Cities. They don’t have it in stock now though. It was about two weeks ago.


     Thanks for your info. Time for me to check my credit card and find out which internet site I preordered the ice blue from and lite a fire under them.    It definitely wasn’t  Best Buy or San Disk.   It was from one of those Clip review sites which had an  pre-order now link.   Time for abit of work on my part.  Thank for your assistance, Jim.