Clip Sport Will Not Turn On After Falling Asleep


I have nodiced today that my clip sport will fall asleep as normal but if I let it sleep until it atomaticly enters off mode I cannot turn it back on using the center (on/off) button. The player will awaken at the song I last left it at and otherwise works normal if I begin to charge it, but not if I hold the center button.

Is there any fix for this? If this has something to do with the battery; is it possible to replace the battery? Or should I simply buy a new Clip Sport (or other sandisk product) for being out and about?

Here are 2 power-saving settings I use for my Clip Sport.

System Settings -> Power Saver = 5 mins (my permanent setting) 

System Settings -> Sleep = 20 mins or 30 mins (for auto-shutdown during playtime)

My oldest Clip Sport is 4 years old.  I think the battery is still working like new.

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