Clip not recognized on Linux

When I plug the Clip in the USB, I can’t find it as a drive. I can’t even charge it.

The Clip is in MSC mode.

The fw is .20.

The Linux ver. is Ubuntu 8.04.

Under var/log/messages I find:

kernel: [  380.716938] usb 5-1: new high speed USB device using ehci_hcd and address 5

but nothing after that.

I have not used Ubuntu.

Don’t you need to mount the device before you use it? 

I read somewhere to type sudo rmmod ehci_hcd in the terminal.  That worked, but I have to re-type it every time I restart the computer. However, my memory cards and psp have always worked without any funny business. Whats different about the clip?

I think you need to add “sudo rmmod ehci_hcd” to a file that runs on startup, but I do not remember how to do it.