Christmas time! Fuze 2nd Generation Wish List Sansa Santa

SanDisk Sansa Engineering and Marketing team called me up and asked for my opinions on what the Second Generation Fuze should look like.

Street Price target: $150

LCD screen:  Approx: 2.25"

Battery: Replaceable, slides in like a memory card or battery on a small digital camera, so you could take one or two extras on longer trips.  Should run about $25 each.

Formats/codecs:  Flac and ogg enabled for those who are so inclined.

On board memory:  Flagship model would be 16 gb.

Accessory memory:  micro SDHC


Playlists would draw from on-board memory AND card memory

GoList limit of 100 songs but 5 GoLists for on-the-fly editing would be available.

Codecs on-board for JPG, AVI and mpeg files to be dragged-and-dropped directly.  No more Sansa Media Converter.

Navigate by ID tags or Folder List.

Thanks Sansa Santa.

"Street Price target: $150 "

$150??? A 4 gig Fuze can now be bought for around $65. Imo the $20-100 price range is where Sandisk should concentrate on.

“Battery: Replaceable, slides in like a memory card or battery on a small digital camera, so you could take one or two extras on longer trips.  Should run about $25 each.”

$25 for a spare battery??? 2900 mah AA nimh rechargeable batteries are only around $2 each, and up to 4 at a time can be charged in most chargers. 1000 mah AAA nimh rechargeable batteries are also around $2 each.

“Accessory memory:  micro SDHC”

Micro SD isn’t so bad, but full sized SDHC is imo much better. A 16 gig SDHC card can be bought for under $30.

“Navigate by ID tags or Folder List”



I was making some allowance for increased screen size and other upgrades with respect to the $150 street price.  That’s still significantly less than iPods!

OK, maybe a bit steep on the battery but still, if you’re only buying one extra and it’s going to last you for the next 3 years?!

Also, let’s not forget a 3mm stereo mic input and the Voice Record allows direct mp3 as well as wav and a user-selectable bitrate.

Personally I think microSDHC is fine and keeps things small.

There.  I think that about covers it.

Christmas is only a little more than a month away.  Well…maybe next Christmas.

Love these suggestions!

$150 for 16gb isn’t too bad at all.

Depending on what type of battery, $25 might not be too bad of a price.  If it can last longer then a AA that would be for me.  And if it was rechargable.  I didn’t want one that the battery would die and I would be buying batteries forever, if that was the case, I would have stuck with my CD player (well maybe or went to another player).  That’s why I got the Fuze, I didn’t have to worry about a battery. The slide in type would be easy too.  Of course I probably wouldn’t buy one until I needed one, I don’t do much extended traveling.

Micro or full size card doesn’t matter to me, as long as the device isn’t too big.  The newest nanos aren’t too big and they’re longer then the Fuze, so that could be a possible size with a full size card. 

No SMC!  Yes.  Please. 

I can second this. With a small addition: 

No need for internal flash memory at all. Instead provide support for standard SDHC card. To make sure consumer picks the ‘right’ memory brand (Sandisk) give a combo deal with the new player. 

Current screen size and quality is average at best. Very pixilated.  OLED version or at least the same size and quality as found on 1-2 year old blackberry 8800

Remove fps/sec limitation. It should handle up to 30fps/sec.

I’m not sure about having no internal memory (well to save on), from what I’ve read it’s not the best idea.  Although doable.   If some things could be fixed, then I wouldn’t care. 

Advantages of internal vs SDHC memory - link with why most of us prefer internal memory, at least some…

SanDisk forecasts memory-less MP3 player future - link with more information on this

And the database refresh time for cards is not something people will look foreward to, unless that can be fixed.  Or a LARGE card is available where we don’t need to change out cards too often (although if on a card, why not on internal memory instead).

“Refreshing your media” time  - link

Am I going to notice any difference between a Class 4 and Class 6 Micro SDHC card? - link with how long it can take with lots of items on teh card…

A bigger screen, a replaceable battery…basically you’re saying you want a bigger Fuze? :wink:

I think that would be a bad move on Sansa’s part. Small players are what sells the best. 

I do like the idea of more/better Go Lists, with on-the-fly editing. AAC (non-DRM, of course) is also becoming more common and that woud be a smart thing to add. Most of us see the content on our PCs from a folder perspective, so navigate-by-folder would be great, too.

 The database refresh time was an issue on my Archos 704 pmp player. It would take forever… But was fixed with one of their F/W update. Now, refresh progress slow down only on new/changed files but takes just a few seconds. I think they changed the logic how file’s metadata was parsed. Probably they are checking CRC value of the file first. If different – re-read metadada. 

Personally I’d use folder navigation or playlists. I think Sansa should change or optimize their code… or drop support for tags db. As the capacity will increase and 4000 files limitation may take longer to fix. I’m thinking twice before unplugging my sansa. Only have 4gb int. + 4gb ext.  

The sansa’s read/write speed is ~ 4mb/s. This is true for internal and external memory. The very the same external card runs at ~ 8mb/s if used with usb card reader.  

The db refresh takes long time for internal memory as well. I was testing video capabilities and it was very annoying to wait every time. So, I only kept video files on the internal card and the uSD was removed during the video test.   

So, I don’t see any performance drop using uSD/SD card as the only memory. What matter is the amount of audio files. The more files - the longer it takes… 

alexz:  I’m surprised that you think the screen appears pixelated.  I find it astonishingly sharp with good quality video source.

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@ blackdog-sansa  


If you can get hold of above mentioned almost 2 years old blackberry 88x0 or newer 83x0 and compare pixel density you’ll probably will be amazed by the difference. 

If this does not amaze you - try Archos 605.

Also 20fps limitation makes your video to loose some frames. In fast motion scene this will be very visible. The video will look jerky.

These are the common fps standards:   

Hollywood video (cinema) @ 23.978

PAL -  @25.00 fps 

NTSC Broadcast , homevideo @ 29.97, @30.00

The fuze’s video screen resolution is 224x178. This is not close to 1.33 AR as it should (4:3). Only 1.2584.

So the new player should handle 320x240 @ up to 30fps. For current Fuze version - video is just an added bonus.



@bdb Yah, call it Sansa View R2 :stuck_out_tongue: 

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html, javascript support would be nice. I tried ask about this before and some one told me that they never heard about about any mp3 players supporting this, when i know i just put a html file on an ipod and it worked.

the javascript  is something i threw in to add a little flexiblity to what ever the person might want to do.:wink:

 (and to add alittle more there should be a function to which you can save files):wink:

nothing spectacular, maybe a few functions, arrays

html support? wtf?

Start with a proper playlist file support, this would be needed a lot more. My .m3u files dont work, .pls and .pla work neither. All the converter programs i downloaded produce stuff that doesnt work. None of the playlists actually show up on my Fuze. This is what really sucks about the Fuze …

Im sorry, i never really had a problem i couldn’t fix with my fuze, if some thing doesn’t work right i try another thing, like video converting some converters don’t convert to the right format.

have you tried windows media player like the manual suggests? you dont have to go around complaining about your mp3 doesn’t support this or that (it like your trying to get them to support every format out there). although sandisk might like hearing about what people are saying and “WISH” ing what people are wanting.

i was just looking to make a few programs other than watching a few movies i already watch at home.

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