Charging with my Motorola Razr charger

Dang! it works! It has a USB mini plug. The Clip shows the battery icon indicating charge and goes to sleep after a few seconds. However, I have to plug it in to the computer’s USB to check the percentage of charge. It seems to charge faster as well. My Razr cannot charge from the computer’s USB ports so its charger must provide more power.

How is this working out for you?  I have been wondering how to charge the Sansa away from a computer, and I have a RAZR.  Is there a voltage difference or anything like that which could damage the Sansa?

The Motorola charger should work fine. To see the current charge status as a numerical display, you must have firmware 1.01.29. Then, on the Clip, navigate to Settings > Info, and scroll down to the last line.

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bobfastner:  To charge your Motorola RAZR phone through your computer’s USB, you need to pick up the drivers from Moto so the phone will be recognised as connected.  Yeah, kind of silly, but it’s true.  Those drivers would be here.  Now, back to the topic at hand…

Several models of phones and some cameras have mini-A USB plugs on their chargers (wall or car) that will work with the Clip. 

The popular model of phone mentioned is the RAZR, but since the accessories are the same for a Motorola W490 (such as I have, and are cheaper than RAZR accessories despite being the exact same parts) that’s what I use. 

Some models of Blackberry also have mini-A connections… that’s how I charge my Clip at work, on the company’s dime.  ;)

The same holds true with computer connections. I’ve never used the cable that came with my Clip or with my Moto W490 because the cable that came with my Kodak 650 camera works with both.  (But I’ve never used it with the camera since I have an SD card reader, ahahah!)

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