Case for SanDisk® Clip Sport MP3 Player

Hello to all ,

     Who can recommend a good and budget case for SanDisk® Clip Sport MP3 Player , that would fit and SanDisk Player and 
SanDisk Clip Sport  Power Kit  ??


Given that this player was released only 2 weeks ago and all accessories are made by 3rd-party vendors, there is nothing available yet.

Also given that the availability of accessories is determined by volume (aka profit) for those 3rd-party vnedors they usually take a good hard look at the potential of the target product to be sucessful before they commit to creating and marketing an accessory for it.

Now consider that SanDisk designed this player to fit a very small niche market, instead of the usual broad one. it’s possible you might not see any accessories for this model at all. If you do, I’m sure it will be further down the road.

I think it likely that silicone cases will come out of China for the Sport.