Can't skip from .wma to .wma file when files are contained in the Audiobooks folder

I have some low bitrate .wma files of spoken word stuff and loaded them into the Audiobooks folder of the Clip+.  I did this because these files seemed to be closer to an audiobook than to music.  I loaded them in MSC mode.  There’s no DRM on the .wma files.  I created an .m3u playlist for the files.  When I was playing them back, I could not skip between these .wma tracks.  I could fast forward and rewind through them but not skip.  I thought this was really strange. 

I ended up moving these files from the Audiobooks folder to the Music folder, and I could skip between the tracks just fine during playback.

I must admit that I don’t know much about Audiobooks, and I did a google search and I didn’t seem to find anything that would prevent or discourage people from being able to skip between tracks on when playing back an Audiobook.

Anyone know what is going on here or notice this problem themselves?  Am I not supposed to be able to skip between tracks in the Audiobooks folder?

Thanks for your help.

If you press the [Down] button during playback and examine the settings, is Chapter mode ( Ch. Mode ) on or off?

If set to off , you have to pause and then hold the left/right button to skip tracks (I think this is intended to avoid accidentally changing track when you only meant to fast-forward or rewind).

You can set Ch. Mode = On and get the behavior you were expecting, but it might make moving through a track more fiddly.

Thanks.  You were right.  I changed the Chapter mode settings and now can skip between tracks in the Audio Books folder.  I appeared to have missed this while scrolling through the Clip+ manual.