Can't "see" Sansa clip files on computer

When Sansa Clip is connected to computer I don’t “see” the files.  

If I do My Computer/Sansa Clip4GB/Internal Memory it then shows me there is one file, “Devlcon.fil”.  

If I click on that I get the “can’t open file type” message.

I was going to copy the music files to the computer, then “Format” the Sansa Clip as an attempt at solving another problem, i.e., that I can’t hear books or music.  

I should be able to see those files, shouldn’t I?

Now what?

Go to Settings/System Settings/USB Mode. Try MSC and try MTP. The computer can only see one mode at a time. If it’s on “Auto Detect” it may have gone to the wrong mode.

Devicon is the icon to display. You can just leave it alone.