Can't find url for audible trial book offer


Does anyone still have the card that came with your clip that had the url for the free audible trial membership?  I threw mine out without realizing it meant I could get a free download of a book!



There are many such offers around–try doing a search engine search.

Here’s an offer for 2 free books.

i hate doing my own research, :smiley:

If it were me and I only was doing it for the free books, I’d use the 2-book offer …


I don’t know…those Audible books are quite addictive.  Kind of like potato chips (uh, “crisps” ) …it’s hard to stop after sampling one.

Bob :wink:

Wow.  I had to edit it a few times- my punctuations were calling up lots of wee smileys.

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I have just bought a clip and have the card.  What do you want to know from it ?