cant access my photos


I bought a Cruzer edge 32gb a few years ago and put a load of photos on it from my computer in the secure vault protected. I have now come to look at those photos again and couldn’t access them it told me i needed to update to the latest version i had v2.0 and need v3.0 so i moved all my photos onto my computer these are in a DAT file so couldnt even see what they where downloaded the new version but now i cant transfer them back onto the usb drive it comes up telling me there is a vault error but when i go to repair it it says its been repaired but then there are no options for me to transfer andy files back over or add anything back into my vault. Please help i have over 3000 photos im now worried i wont be able to get back. thanks

Stop worrying.  Worrying causes wrinkles.

It is great that you backed up your vault but you should have copied it to your hard drive not moved it.  Apparently the upgrade updates the vault when it is installed.  Since you had moved the vault the upgrade couldn’t do that.  At this point I don’t know what to tell you.

Try contacting SanDisk and see what they suggest.

Hi, I would suggest you to try some data recovery software to restore the photos, such as free RePicvid and Recuva. Then format the SD card.

Thank you will try both these options :smiley:

Do note that the only app that can read files in the SecureAccess vault is SecureAccess.  And the vault will not appear as a photo in any recovery app that only deals with photos.