Cannot Run Media Converter Software - Serious Error Has Occurred


I just got a e260.  When I try to run it after installation, it reboots my pc and  gives me a Windows error “Serious Error has Occurred…etc”

Ha anyone encountered this?  I am running XP.


Sorry, let me clarify, the software installs but when I run it, my computer crashes.

Any thoughts?  Do I have to reinastall my OS?  (hope not)

I have the exact same problem, it’ll install but when i run it, it’ll restart my comp (i’m running on vista) we NEED HELP

    Ok so i tihnk i might have found your problem,

  1. make sure you are downloading the OFFICIAL software that can be found here

  2. if that still doesn’t work download the firmware updater which updates your software and mp3 player

These two links work on both Windows Vista and Windows XP Operating Systems
if that does not work, message me

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This is happening to me too what ive found it to be is the ge-force drivers installed on my computer and they are conflicting somehow and it crashes the computer when i uninstall the drivers the converter does NOT crash the computer yet nobody has replyed to my last post about it