Cannot download Sansa Media Converter

I tried everything on your website, but all it says is that it’s unavaliable. help anyone?

It’s only available now through the Sansa Firmware Updater. You can’t download it separately.

But . . . having said that, if you’re looking to put videos on your Fuze you’ll probably have better luck with Video4Fuze.

At your own risk:

If you REALLY wnat SMC, make sure your player is connected when you try do download it. That’s how Sansa Media Converter knows what type of player you have, and what software you (might) need.

However, as Tapeworm has so clearly stated, you’ll probably have better luck with Video4Fuze. Here’s why: it’s more reliable, it’s a smaller download, and it creates smaller files. It also has the ability to use two-pass encoding, meaning that your files will take twice as long to encode, but will have much better quality in the end (although this option is diasabled by default).