Cannot access recycle bin

It says “working on it” and there is a green loading bar constantly, been waiting for about 20 minutes

I know it is the SanDisk drive because when it’s not connected, Recycle Bin opens instantly 

I showed hidden folders so Recycle Bin was showing on the SanDisk drive but right clicking and selecting Empty did nothing.  Double clicking to go into the Recycle Bin did the same “working on it” and green bar forever.

I’ve also tried Disk Clean-up tool but it is freezing on the Calculating… stage when “Scanning: Recycle Bin”

I looked at Properties for the Recycle Bin folder and it was very slow but it got to about 10GB of data in there before I got bored and closed it.  

I have loads of files on this drive so I reformatting isn’t an option.  This is a brand new drive as well.