Can you use a digital camera memory card in a Sanza Fuse?

Hey I’m new to the Fuze Mp3 player and I need some help.I have a Sansa Clip ,but they do not have a memory slot.I just need to know if a digital camera memory card will work to hold more songs,videos,pictures…I don’t want to mess it up, so I was just getting proof before I did something stupid I will keep checking this forum, so you can post answer here or my e-mail address is

Well, if you have a sansa fuze, you can use a microsdhc card, since it does have a micro sdhc slot. if your camera has the same card, then yes, i suppose.

I have not seen a digital camera that uses a micro SDHC card. The Fuze uses a micro SD or SDHC card. Many digital cameras use a full sized SD or SDHC card. If a digital camera uses a full sized SDHC card, then you could use a micro SDHC card in the camera if the card is first placed in a micro to full size SD card adapter.

Well, it depends on what kind of card your camera uses.  It’s unlikely to be a microSD card that the Fuze requires.  Cameras normally have larger cards, such as SD cards.  However, if your camera does use a microSD card, and if the card is a class 4 card (I think class 4 is required according to the Fuze manual), then it should work. 

Alternatively, you could put a microSD card in a SD adapter.  Given the relatively low const of memory these days, I would not do that myself.

One micro card that I bought had 2 larger cards that the micro could be inserted into. Then the second size could be inserted into the 3rd larger size.   So you had 3 size cards.  This was to transer things from one item to another.  However with the Fuze you have to use the SMC for photos, so that did not work from my camera to my Fuze.   Of course if you do a computer SD adaptor where you plug the card into a device into the usb connector to transfer data to your computer.  So that may be benefitical, the only thing with my camera it says that you have to reformat the card if you use it in something else and that removes all the data.  So I haven’t done that.

Actually the Fuze will work with any class card.  I have some class 2 cards and they are fine.  Since I have the few large files, it doesn’t take long to refresh (lots of songs, etc., would take a long time to reresh data).