can wav files be played in a car ?

hello my wifes cousin has got a Sandisk Cruzer Edge 4gb usb drive and i copied some music from a cd on my laptop to the usb drive and the format was wav,she tried to play it in her car and she said she could not play it,i changed the format to mp3 and it played ok,my question is should it not be able to play wav files as all the cds she gave me to copy to the usb drive are in wav format and it would save me time changing the format ?

thank you.

Most likely not. the .mp3 format is popular and most of today’s car stereo units will read & play it.

Wav? Not so much.

oh well thank you,it looks like i will have to use sound converter to change them all to mp3.

There’s a number of free programs out there that will do this. One, if you have a Windows machine is Windows Media Player; you already have. Others include EAC (Exact Audio Copy), MediaMonkey, FooBar. dbPoweramp and Winamp are also good, although you have to pay a little for them.

It depends on the car and year.  I have 2015 C300 and it plays WAV using USB or CD. 

Wav files are pretty much a standard format. It should be played but if it doesn’t I think it’s best to check with the manufacturer. <img src=“”/>