Can only load about half the player

I have an M240 and the latest Firmware 2.2.5A.  I removed all my previous music by formatting through Windows XP.  Now it stops taking songs after taking up about 400mb.  Says it “directory or file cannot be created.”

Have run memory check through Windows, reformatted a number of times. It will play what I’ve loaded but it still shows 560mb “available.”  Any suggestions?

Try making two directories.  I think there’s a limit to how large a directory it can deal with.

did you try creating another folder and putting the new files into that new folder?

Scramjet is right, try to create a folder inside the MP3 player and put all the songs inside it or try to create another folder and put the rest of you song there, or you can arrange the songs first in your computer by folder and transfer it to you computer.

Hope this works. :wink: