Can I put a movie I own on disk?

I am new to this but wondering if I want to put a movie on the disk for a long flight how do I do that?


The short answer, absolutely! There’s nothing more cool than having your movies to go using the Wireless Media Drive. You need to transfer the media from your purchased DVD to the drive, and this isn’t as simple as drag and drop. The DVD format was designed that way in an effort to limit piracy.

But I have purchased the movie for my own use, you are thinking, quite logically. I use a really nice software suite from dvdvideosoft that works brilliantly. I use the Free Studio suite you will see in the linked page. Once you convert the movie to a format on your hard drive, simply connect the WMD and drag the movie over.

During your flight, turn on “airplane mode” on your mobile phone to disable the cellular transmitter, and your WiFi connection can be used for accessing the drive. Be sure to set up your drive with password access, as other passengers’ devices can be searching for Wifi access.

Bob  :smiley: