Can I opt not to display album art?

Fuze 4gb.

Can I choose not to display album art on Fuze, not even the blank?

Currently, 1/3 of display is occupied by blank album art. Can I remove it all together? 

Are you saying you want to replace “blank” with “nothing”? :stuck_out_tongue:

I think he wants to remove the blank album art to make more room for title, artist, etc. It makes sense, but I’m pretty sure you can’t do that.

Even if you could, the Artist & Track Info wouldn’t display any larger; it would just be a blank space.

Why would it?

  1. A blank ammo has the shape and appearance of a real bullet but without the charge. That’s what I meant by “blank  CD image.” 

  2. If removing it will not give me a larger display of title/album/artist, I will have to live with it. Thanks.

Now there’s a good thing to suggest for the next frimware update.  I also don’t like to have to put up with the cramped space for the title due to the album art.  I would like to be able to turn it off, remove the blank Album Icon, and have the title info. expanded into this space.  I have very little album art and find it very irritating that I have to watch most of my titles scroll while that stupid blank album icon is taking up half the screen.   I think I’ll suggest it on the firmware thread. 

Where is the firmware thread? I am going to second your request there.

I have mostly classical music and voice recordings, and DON"T need album art AT ALL.