c150 not showing in Explore and problem with safe disconnect

When I connect my c150 to my desktop running XP, it does not show up in Explore, consequently I can’t move any files to it. It does connect to the computer as it is listed in the System Properties\Hardware\Device Manager and the computer acknowledges connection with the audible ding.  Also, the c150 manual indicates the user needs to safely disconnect the c150 but there is nowhere on the desktop or task bar that allows this. Can anyone help?

i have the same problem if i come up with an answer or if you already have please post.

reinstall windows media player and the driver will be reset.

how does it appear in device manager?

Are you on a network computer, maybe driver letter conflicts? (doubtful if your just at a home pc)

Remember, safely remove shows up for MSC mode only… MTP does not show safely remove