Big dot next to the battery meter and working with multiple devices.

I’ve got three questions that don’t seem to be answered elsewhere:

1.  What’s the big dot next to the battery meter meant to indicate.  I have a hunch that it’s meant to show an “authorized” Clip.

2.  How many devices can I authorize under my Rhapsody account?  We’re up to two (my wife and me) and I could see signing up the whole family.

3.  I “deauthorized” my Clip using the Rhapsody software.  This didn’t stop me from playing music that I had downloaded using my Rhapsody account.  It did stop me from downloading new tracks.  What is the expected behavior when a device is deauthorize?

Thanks in advance,


The big dot is shown to indicate the time left on the Thapsody Subscription.  When you are nearing the expiriation time the Icon will change to an empty circle.  See the “Account”  page under settings.

You can Authorize three devices and three computers per account

The deauthorized device will play music for up to one month