bad vertical pixels

Just got a new sansa clip + and I notice there is a line running down the screen …yellow for the first 1/3 and the rest is blue just a very thin line but annoying …is this normal… I only charged  from out of the box for 1 hour but the battery symbol shows solid so I guess it is charged …or is this line an indicator of something

No, it’s not normal. Take (or send) it back. It’s defective.

This also happened to me yesterday, 1 week after receiving it. I am in South America and had it shipped from the U.S. so making use of the warranty is probably more trouble than it’s worth.

I’ll use it as-is for now. It’s a shame since besides this issue, the player is practically perfect.



That happened to me on my first Clip right after buying it. Replaced it and havent’ had the problem crop up again. I suspect it happens early or doesn’t happen at all. Just exchange it…

With these OLED screens mass-produced by the millions (for probably a few cents each), there’s bound to be some defective ones slip through the cracks.

Weird… the line went away yesterday in the morning, but it reappeared when I connected it to my computer. Maybe something’s getting stuck? (like stuck LCD pixels).

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