Bad construction of on-board switches

I had clip+ for about 3 weeks, and then it broke. On-board switches contains little plastic T - shaped things, which push internal buttons. I disassembled player three times, and every time put this thing inside the swich. Last time I lost it, so on/off button doesn’t work now.

I really want little mp3 player, but I will not buy sansa again. Please improve the construction of buttons.

This is the first we’ve heard of this issue here on the forum. Maybe you just got a dud, or got one from a bad batch, but I have had one for a few years now with no problems at all and I know several others have had similar positive experiences. The Clip+ is a pretty robust/sturdy device.

I don’t understand though why after only 3 weeks, you decided to tear into it and risk disabling it permanently or voiding your warranty when it would be much easier to simply return it to where you bought it for another one. Most everywhere dealers/sellers offer a 30-day exchange/return policy which, if it was only 3 weeks old you were clearly within.

Even if for some reason this was not possible, SanDisk offers (and stands behind 110%) a 1 year warranty in the US and 2 years in the EU. Doubt that will do you any good now, seeing how you took it apart 3 different times, but it certainly would have when you first encountered the problem.

I bought it on ebay, so in the case of a breakdown I was not going to send it back, it’s not worth the money for the shipment and the waiting time, because player is very cheap. But mechanism of microswitches really unreliable.

As you’ve seen, tearing the little guys apart is really simple. On eBay, you could pick up a dead one for a few dollars, and swap the requisite pieces.

The new warranty with devices is really simple, most retailers cover the device for the first 30 days. Amazon is great for support with online purchases, as well as their vendoes. In any case, be sure to register your Sansa with SanDisk, and they even pay the shipping for your new machine. In the US, you’re covered for one year, in the EU it’s two years.

I wouldn’t move to Europe for the difference in coverage, but the cycling sure would be a treat.

Bob  :stuck_out_tongue:

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