Anyone else have a problem overloading their Fuze?

I am a former iPod nano owner that switched to Sansa Fuze because of its 8gb capacity and FM radio. I also switched because I was tired of some of the deficiencies with iTunes.
Now I am using MediaMonkey. The file transfer is much slower but I can adjust my expectations (I use MTP because I have not been able to get the autoplaylists to work right in MSC mode). Because some of my autoplaylists adjust depending a new music added to the database, and I try to load as many songs as possible, I have twice overloaded the Sansa Fuze with too many songs and this makes the unit stop working. I had to reformat, reinstall and reload all my music and playlists. With my old iPod, it was not possible to overload the unit.
Why can’t Sansa do a better job protecting the minimum space needed for the firmware to work?

I understand that it’s a little annoying, but it shouldn’t be a big problem, in MediaMonkey you should set it to leave around 50MBs of free space on the device. The transfer is slower because you’re in MTP mode. MTP mode gets a slower transfer with a fast database refresh at the end. MSC transfers quicker with a longer refresh. If you need more room, get a microSD card.

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I had a similar problem with an external micro-SD filling up part-way thru an AVI file (using the Media Converter).  It simply locked up.  After moving some music files from the external to internal, and completing the conversion, I began having all sorts of problems…under artists->album all tracks appeared twice, though all looked fine when hooked up to the PC.  I even deleted some folders, yet they continued to appear after “Media Refreshed”.  I had at least 4 phantom music folders which were nowhere to be found in any folder on either internal or external memory.  Even after manually deletingevery music file (leaving only the 10 pre-loaded photos) it said there was only 1.13GB left, even though the folders remaining were less than 1MB in size.

I ended up removing the external memory, and reformatting (via the Settings menu).  I tried copying the preloaded music off before formatting, but every one was corrupt. 

Is there any place I can download and reload the songs it came with? (e.g. “Alias & Ehren”, “Andrew Paul Woodworth”, thru “Umphrey’s McGee”)?  Every pre-loaded MP3 file, remained the same size, but when played (on two computers), every one was the same 6-seccond loop (a fade out from another MP3).  Something like “AutoM3U” or a download link for registered serial numbers?


4GB Sansa Fuze

Firmware: 01.01.15

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