Any way to charge iPhone while using iXpand


I’d posted a question earlier about exFat and ended up finding an answer in the manual.  Great product!  Loving it!

I’m finding that copying files from the phone to the iXpand is draining my battery a lot.  Since it’s using the only port on the phone, and it’s a 7, so no wireless charging, can I use a 2-port lightning dongle to charge my phone while using the iXpand? 

Most products I’m seeing on Amazon show an audio/data port, and a power port (for charging), so I *think* it would work, but it also looks like the iXpand uses some power off the phone, so I don’t know if the audio/data port on those would handle the power draw…

Any thoughts?


I have never tested it however you’re correct the ixpand pulls power from the phone in order to power the device. It may be possible that the y connectors will not supply enough power. 

Thanks drlucky for the reply.  I suppose there’s one way to find out :D  I’ll try getting one and see if it works, and I’ll update here!