Any Other Conversion Software That I can Use To Load Videos onto my Sansa Fuze?

I totally agree that this software to put it lightly is annoying and i cannot figure out how to get it to convert to a folder instead of just to the player and I wanted to know is there any other conversion software that I can use to load videos onto my Sansa Fuze?

Me too, I have a fuze 2gb and the “sansa media converter” shuts down my “Windows Media Center” in Vista when installed…

I called tech support, they have no answers, best bet is to return it to the store and buy another brand if you want to use it this year. They have no idea if or even when this issue will be resolved. What a shame, from a brand I thought had it together.

Yeah - this SMC is just plain bad software. I’ve read in other threads that people are using Total Video Converter. Details on the specs to use for getting files that play on the e200 series would be golden!

Hey there!!! I use a few 1st KeepV Flash converter, then from there the MOV files are transffered to AVS Video Converter 6 were I make them mp4 and transfer to the media converter [sansa] it takes about 10 seconds to get the file there as its ready to go when it hits the converter. The Programs are free and work great I haven’t had one issue with loading a video or with have one play!!!

This doesnt work with the fuze 2 gb…When AVS Video Converter 6 goes to “upload” its errors out saying “this type of file is not supported”

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Then if that is giving you isses then just use the " KeepV " video downloader and get rid of AVS6. Then what you do is use the down arrow on the left side of the window and make sure that the settings on the right side the arrow down there says convert to ‘.mov’ and then once thats done the sansa conveter should accept it then and once its there in the sansa converter just hit the convert button and your set. I got rid of AVS6 cuz of the logos, I am not paying for another program when I have already paid for the FUZE so now any issues just hit it back here and I’ll see what I can do.