Any available tools or monitoring software? How do I check the health of a San Disk SD card?

Hello, I’m attempting to get some help on the subject of SD card health after an extended period of reads and writes. I’m looking for a utility or tool that perhaps could monitor the integrity and reliability of a san disk SD card to get an estimate of it’s remaining lifetime or current health status. For example, ATP for their industrial grade SD cards has a life monitoring tool that returns valuable information such as, total erase count, NAND flash endurance, bad block count, remaining life, spare reminaing rate, the brand of flash, the type etc. For Reference - ATP Industrial Grade SD Card Specification (Revision 3.8)

Currently is completely empty, so I wouldn’t know for sure if there’s anything available that’s out there.

Thank you for your time and support!

I am not aware of any such tool for sandisk retail SD cards. They may have something like that available for their industrial line of cards. 

That being said I would not recommend using retail level cards for that type of work load. you really should be looking at industrial cards or SSDs.