4 Months And It Just Quit Working

I have an LG s820 phone, with a San Disk 16gb Ultra Plus micro SD card, which I purchased about 3 1/2 months ago. Today, it just suddenly quit reading the card. Don’t know if it’s the phone or the card, though from what I’ve searched, so far, it seems like the problem is usually the card. Plus, when I put it in the adapter for the lap top, it doesn’t see it, either, nor does it see the card when I plug the phone into the lap top. Had several pics on there I hadn’t downloaded yet, am I screwed? Is it normal for these cards to last less than 4 months? Not very happy, right now, as you can imagine.


if the card is not detected by the laptop or mobile anymore then it seems to be defective and needs to be replaced. 

here you can start a replacement with sandisk: