16GB micro SDHC card not detected by computer (only by Samsung Galaxy Ace)

My micro SDHC card is a Sandisk 16GB class 4 one, and recently it has failed in an unique way that I haven’t found anywhere else on the web. It worked fine up until last week, and it was read by my computer and my Galaxy Ace without trouble. I only used it to put songs on to. However, when I tried to pass over some songs from a CD one day (which I had done multiple times successfully before this point), the USB port which I had my cable connected to decided to break mid transfer and some of the files didn’t pass over correctly. I deleted the corrupted files, and the SD card still worked in my phone. However, it would no longer connect to my PC through this method. I was using a cable that directly connected my micro SD card in my phone to my PC

I tried using different USB ports on my computer and my laptop, and I also tried using a USB micro SDHC reader on all these ports as well, but one by one these methods stopped working. In the end, only my Galaxy Ace could detected the data on my micro SDHC card, and it played the songs just fine. Earlier today, I tried reformatting my card in my Galaxy Ace, but it still wouldn’t connect to my PC. I only wanted to put some more songs on my micro SDHC card, and now I’m left with a reformatted SD card that refuses to be detected by my computer. Somebody please help me before I pull out all my hair and grind my teeth into dust.

Some extra information: my computer runs Windows 7, and it is SDHC compatible.