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Re: SanDisk Clip Sport Firmware 1.39 released

A feature I would like to see in the 1.40 firmware is the ability to change the volume setting of the lowest sound volume (1/2 of the leftmost triangle). Why you may ask does he request such a thing?

The answer is simple: sometimes I like to listen to music while falling asleep. That music makes me so tired and feel warm and comfortable. 


On other devices, I then decrease the volume step by step, because my ears get more sensitive. Unfortunately, the stepping of volume on the ClipSport is optimized for outdoor activity, thus very loud (or I've got just very sensitive ears Smiley Happy).


You could just define somewhat like sound profiles, so e.g. an outdoor profile (the standard profile like it is now) and a profile for quieter surroundings with decreased volume setting.


The difference between inventing and soldering a device you plug between the Clip Sport and a software solution included in the next firmware is simple: the guys at SanDisk get paid for their work and while I would only built it for me, the implementation into the firmware would allow many more users to get lower volume settings.

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