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Re: M3U playlist empty -SIMPLE SOLUTION

The reason the playlists are empty is because the instructions in the owner's manual for creating a  playlist are INCORRECT!

It only took me about 8 hours to figure this out.


The instructions tell you to place all the mp3's you want in your playlist into a folder on your computer, then drag it into Windows Media Player.  This is WRONG!  If you do this, an M3U file will be created that tells your player to go find the mp3 file on your computer, not on the mp3 player.  So, since it can't find it, it says the playlist is empty.


Here are the correct instructions:

  1. Put all of your songs on the mp3 player in the Music folder.  It doesn't matter if they are in folders, subfolders or no folders.
  2. Drag each song you want in your playlist from the player onto Windows Media Player on your computer.
  3. Click "Save as..." and save the playlist to anywhere on your computer (let's say Desktop).  Make sure you select file type "M3U".
  4. Find the M3U file on your Desktop and drag it to the Playlist folder on the player.
  5. That's it.  You're done!
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