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Re: Audiobooks on JAM and Sport
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I also highly recommend learning how to use the mp3tag utility. It's one of the mandatory steps I follow when copying a new book to my player and it adds maybe 15 seconds to the process, running auto-number and setting Album name/book title on all the tracks. (1. select all tracks, 2. hit "auto-number" button, 3. add an Album title, 4. hit save & you're done.)


Sometimes those fields are already good and I've wasted a few seconds, but more often the books I get from the library are missing those fields (it used to be 1 out of 5 books I'd check out were missing the tags, now I swear it's more like 4 out of 5 - are you getting your books from Overdrive?). 

With setting those 2 fields: Album name & tracks, in mp3tag, I haven't had any problems with track sorting on the Jam.


I haven't run into too many books over 100 tracks, but 

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