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Re: Random problem in playlists

I feel super proud that I managed to do it! It is not like I know a lot about computers. And it is some kind of culture among people who know computers that they think it is beneath them to explain properly. As if I would explain to you when you want to knit a sweater: "Then you do the rib there, You don´t know what a rib is? Hmph! Well, then I can´t help you" haha

Anyway, one more thing: 

The filenames should be different and not to long, for example if you have fifteen files who all start with the artists name, that is confusing for our player. If you use Mp3tag you can first tag the artists names on all the files, and then delete the the artists name from the filename to be only song-name. 

And even one more thing: To be able to use Mp3Tag the program has to be set to certain specifications. Someone in this forum has written about that. (Maybe you?)

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