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Re: New Sandisk Clip Sport 8GB

Maybe your device is working OK by now?    If not, here are a few suggestions:


1) Pause the Radio app.  Use the "back" button to get to the main menu screen. Use the right (or left) buttons to see the other active Menu items.  During this simple navigation, do you see any other applications (Music, Books, Folder, Card, etc) ?

           If Yes, then maybe your device is working OK.

           If Not, then try to navigate to the Settings menu.  

             In the Settings Menu, select "System Settings" -> "Customize"

             Then make sure all the listed applications are selected as "On".


2) If you are unable to navigate to the Settings Menu, then try installing the most recent Firmware (1.36) for the Clip Sport.

         Follow the instructions at this SanDisk webpage:



Maybe report back here and let us know if your device is now working properly??


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