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Re: Audiobooks do not show up properly
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Hopefully a few more experienced Clip Sport users will reply to your request. I have some recent experience with Audio Books ripped from CDs (from my local public library).   I made mp3 files encoded at 128 kbps (using iTunes). 


 Then, I used MP3Tag to create this tagging scheme.

        Album Names:  Abcdef-CD01, Abcdef-CD02, Abcdef-CD03, etc  [no higher than CD99 for one book]]

            Titles (Chapter Titles):  Chapt 01, Chapt 02, Chapt 03, etc  [no higher than Chapt 99 for each CD] 

                   2-digit track numbers that match the Chapt numbers for each CD. Start renumbering at 01 for each CD


Maybe try out this scheme for a few files and see if the Clip Sport plays them in order in AUDIOBOOKS mode ??

Maybe write back with your comments & suggestions to help everyone find a better way to solve this problem.



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