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Re: Creating m3u Playlists for Clip Sport on a Mac & PC
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Today I discovered I can use Mp3Tag software to prepare a playlist for several mp3 files that are saved within an artist folder with a set of album subfolders on my Mac (or PC).


Here is my folder structure.   Artist Folder -> Album 1, Album 2. Album 3, Album 4.

Each of the album folders has 12 mp3 files. I loaded the Artist Folder into Mp3Tag and all 48 music files appeared in the playlist & tagging screen. Then I clicked on File -> Playlist (all files) and saved a m3u playlist into the Artist Folder.


Then I can copy this set of folders into the Music folder on my Clip Sport (or my micro SD card).   Then the playlist file I created on my hard drive automatically works on my Clip Sport. (No need to create a new playlist file on the Clip Sport.)


The default options for Mp3Tag Playlist creation are perfect for my desired result.

  Check box "Write extended info"  %artist% - %title%

  Chck box "Entries relative from work directory"

  Check box "Show confirm filename dialog"

  Check box "Don't create directories"



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