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Re: how to manage songs and folders
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I know Winamp will work with the Fuze in MSC mode (Settings/System Settings/USB Mode). 


Here's a prime Winamp. 




You can also find the 5.x versions at Oldversion but I always thought they were overdone. 


If you were using WMP you were probably using MTP mode. Your PC can only see one mode at a time, so when you switch to MSC to use Winamp, your PC won't see all the music you transferred with Windows Media Player.


Assuming you want to use Winamp all the time, you need to get the MTP music onto the Fuze in MSC mode. 


If there are copies on your computer you can just go to the Fuze's Settings/System Settings/Format and format it, clearing off all the music you added. Then switch to MSC mode (settings/system settings/MSC) and send new copies over from your computer.  


Or if you need to retrieve the music first,  leave the Fuze in MTP mode (or if you had it in Auto, it went to MTP mode because it detected WMP) and copy back all your music off the player to someplace on your computer (desktop maybe). Then switch to MSC mode and send stuff back over with Winamp--or, if you prefer, just drag and drop them over, since MSC mode sees the Fuze as two basic USB drives, internal memory (FUZE) and Removable Drive for the card.  





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