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Re: SanDisk Introduces the SanDisk® Clip Sport MP3 Player

@Chibbs wrote:



Wrong, they serve two puposes.


1) They put SanDisk on notice that they should publicize all significant limitations in a product as part of its spec list.


2) It warns other possible customers who would not otherwise be aware of the limitation.



If you don't like my posts, feel free to ignore them.


I intend to embarrass SanDisk until they release a firmware update to correct these deliberate and insulting product limitations.

As much as we all might like matters to be different, many before you have noted similarly (albeit, typically, less bashingly), and SanDisk already is aware of its player's limitations.  Unfortunately, at least part of the issue lies in the player's hardware, and a firmware upgrade can't change that (regardless of continuing bashing), unless the laws of physics can be changed . . . .


Me, rather than spending my time banging my head against a wall, I'd just return the player, purchase a Clip+ or Clip Zip, and enjoy some good music.  But that's just me.


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